The Issue

Aboriginal students are particularly vulnerable to the consequences of government education budget reductions, particularly those that create barriers to students transitioning to further education and employment. Further there is inadequate emphasis on teaching Aboriginal languages and culture at school and a longterm commitment to engagement with community members and Elders including engaging Aboriginal communities’ in decision-making.

What needs to happen 

An incoming government must ensure that Aboriginal students throughout NSW benefit from education programs and curriculum that support cultural identity and community involvement in decision making.

ANTaR NSW is calling for budget allocations to Aboriginal education to be quarantined from budget cuts, and the reversal of recent budget cuts. In particular budgets for funding for preschools, specialist assistance such as specialist teachers, Aboriginal Education Officers and Assistants, Home School Liaison Officers, teacher’s aides and school counsellors must not be reduced, and in fact should be supported by an increased budget allocation.

Additionally, ANTaR NSW is calling for the Gonski reform allocations for Aboriginal students to be quarantined under school global budgets for principals to spend only in consultation with Aboriginal students and their Aboriginal community. 

Our campaign work 

Read ANTaR NSW's policy position on NSW Education reforms here.

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